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eCreamery – AO Main
Omaha, NE
1,500 SF

Located at the main intersection of the Village of Dundee, the design intent was to capture the fun and innocence of a 1950’s ice cream parlor with a modern twist.

Colors were used to define bold elements and draw pedestrians in as they walk by. The green tile element with circular cut-outs is an abstraction of the ubiquitous cone holder found in ice cream stores. The element becomes the organizational piece that ties the space together, providing a fun piece for all to enjoy their ice cream within. The circular cut-outs reveal the historic brick wall, acting as a balance to the owner provided historic wood back bar located on the opposite wall. CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes hang playfully through these cut outs and around the organizational element.

This shop serves the neighborhood and is also the national headquarters for its successful internet sales company. eCreamery has been publicized many times on the Today Show, ESPN, the Food Network, and most recently, the TV show “Shark Tank.”

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AO* | 4610 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68132 | 402.551.3400
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