KANEKO, Bow Truss Gallery
Omaha, NE
10,000 SF

KANEKO is an Omaha-based cultural organization created for the purpose of “exploring and encouraging the process of creativity.” Located within Omaha’s historic Fruit, Vegetable and Dairy Warehouse District, KANEKO has become a force in the emerging contemporary arts district south of the thriving redeveloped downtown Omaha.

The building originally served as a repair garage for delivery vehicles in the area and offered almost 8,000 SF under one clear span roof. Phase I included renovation, offering the organization the ability to act as an art gallery, lecture hall, film theater, and conference room. Temporary theatrical scrims can be moved about to subdivide the space based on need.

The Bow Truss Gallery captures, in its architectural approach, a balance between the historical fabric of the area and a new and emerging approach to the creative process. It also reinforces the sometimes delicate coexistence of a world that is in motion and alive.

“One year ago, the first of our public spaces…opened. We have received raves from everyone who has seen it.” 

– Hal France, former Executive Director, KANEKO

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