24th Street Townhomes
Omaha, NE
10 Housing Units

The City of Omaha hired AO and The Robert Peters Company to master plan a 47-unit housing complex. Twenty-two, one-story units with an attached garage were designed as senior housing for Catholic Charities. The other 25 units are three-bedroom townhomes for New Community Development Corporation.

AO worked with the two agencies to develop moderate-income units to meet their different funding sources and schedules. Existing housing will remain adjacent to the site.

The townhome units face 24th Street with front porches and a two-stall garage and decks on the back. Massing of the units allowed for a rowhouse look.

The senior units have a one-car garage, and face the less busy street. These units have two bedrooms and all amenities on one floor. A community building was also a part of this development.

In 2007, the City of Omaha partnered with New Community Development and AO to develop and build the first 10 townhomes on the portion of the site along 24th Street. The 10 three-bedroom, two-car garage units help to strengthen the street edge along North Omaha’s once vibrant thoroughfare.

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