Randall Palandri

“Find something you love to do – and do it well.”

Randall “Randy” Palandri has built an impressive resume on that philosophy – a member of the AO team since 1981, a managing partner and majority owner since 1994. 

“It’s not about us; it’s about our clients. We’re responsible for translating their goals into something tangible. We understand and care about that. We enjoy the process; we enjoy being in the fray of development. We’re helping to create the fabric of the community.”

Architectural drawing classes at Omaha’s Westside High School and helping his Dad on various remodeling projects inspired Randy to pursue his architectural degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“Our house was always under construction and I was fascinated with the process of building.” 

An industry veteran now, he finds inspiration both in design that positively impacts the environment and the culture – and in the passion and collaboration of the “very team-oriented” AO roster.

“We don’t have turnover – this is a firm where people want to work. We’re also relentless. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, and we never like to do the same thing twice because the challenges are never the same.”

Randy considers the firm his best business accomplishment. His best personal accomplishment? Being a husband and father of three.

“Life outside of work is more important than life inside of work. We understand priorities here.”

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