University of Nebraska-Omaha, Historic Arts and Sciences Hall
Omaha, NE

The Arts and Sciences Hall was the first classroom building on the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s campus just west of the historic Elmwood Park. The Georgian Revival building was completed in 1938 and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013. The building had been added on to many times over the decades, but the east, west, and north façade had remained untouched.

UNO requested AO conduct an evaluation of the existing building’s façade including roofing; windows; stone/masonry; wood fascia, soffits, details, and columns. The original slate roof had been leaking in several areas due to improperly flashed integral gutters and sections of the wood soffit details had deteriorated from the moisture. Older wood windows were inefficient and much of the remainder of the façade was long overdue for routine maintenance.

Following completion of the assessment, AO and Morrissey determined several areas requiring immediate attention.

1. The original slate roof and copper flashing was replaced and the north integral gutters were removed. New fascia-mounted gutters were added to remedy the long-stranding leaks caused by the ice buildup on the north.

2. Rotted and decaying fascia and lentils were removed and new replacement pieces were fabricated and installed.

3. All wood trim, fascia, soffits, details, and entry columns were scraped, primed, and painted.

4. New historically-sensitive, thermally-broken windows were installed throughout the building.

5. Moisture- and wind-damaged areas of the iconic cupola were repaired or replaced, and the original weathervane was reinstalled after being blown off decades before during a violent storm.

6. Brickwork was tuckpointed, where required, and joints between the stone and masonry were properly caulked.

7. Exterior building lighting was replaced with energy-efficient fixtures.

The $1,370,000 renovation will ensure the iconic building remains a vibrant part of the University’s campus well into the future.

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